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Personal Name Index to the Leader

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This is an index to personal names that have appeared in Locust Valley's local weekly newspaper, The Leader,since its first issue, August 22, 1946, compiled by librarian Jennifer Santo. This is an ongoing project so be sure to check back from time to time for new entries.

How to Use the Index

Names are arranged alphabetically by last name. Cross-references to married names are provided, and first and maiden names are given for married women where possible, to aid in tracking down all the members of a family. However, since married women were often referred to simply as “Mrs. John Smith,” first names are not always known. Also, a divorced woman was referred to by a combination of her maiden name and her former married name; the former Mrs. Charles Smith would be called Mrs. Johnson Smith, if Johnson were her maiden name. Alternate spellings of a name are given in parentheses: for example, “AHLSTEDT (Ahlstead).” If a person is frequently referred to by a nickname, that is also given.

Following the person’s name are the dates and page numbers on which he or she was mentioned in the Leader The date appears first, followed by the page number in parentheses. Births, marriages, and deaths are indicated by B, M, or D after the page number. Beginning in March 1949, the Leader published a supplement, the Bayville Tides-Leader, which was included in the main paper, but without page numbers. References to these pages include a “T” after the page number (e.g., 4/14/49 (3T)).

To find a person’s name using this index, pull down the Edit menu at the top of the page, select “Find in Page,” type in the name, and click “Find Next.” Click “Cancel” to remove the Find box once you have found the name you are looking for. Please note that upon request, we can mail to you a copy of an article for your personal use in accordance with copyright law. Please send your request via e-mail to jsanto@locustvalleylibrary.org. Please include your home or business adddress and the complete citation as found in this index. 

Click on the letter corresponding to the last name you are looking for. Please allow the page you select to fully load before searching.

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